Monday, March 02, 2020

Working On A Small Table Runner

The snow fell for most of yesterday and during the night there was more. The ground is white but the roads are salted. Today is suppose to have very little snow and it's going to warm up. But, it will also cool off again. 


Paperwork is being printed and then all can be put away. It takes a long time to print but I'm happy it's almost done. Some housework and laundry was done. 
After lunch, the Spousal Unit and got a few groceries we needed and then home. 


I worked on the smaller table runner for the antique buffet. It is ready to spray baste, pin, quilt and add the binding to it. 
I'll look at the scraps and decide if there is enough fabric left over for some tiny project. There is no more red or print so the grey may go back on the shelf for now. 
I also did the next lesson on digitizing. I have 4 lessons left to go before I'm finished. 
After that, there is a challenge. I'll have to think about that. 


On the sweater, row 9 was found below the picture and I've moved forward. I've done about 25 rows on the first sleeve. No picture yet. 
I restarted the hat and untied the slip knot before I started knitting in the round. The 5 rows of corrugated ribbing is cute. 
The back has a lot of yarn carries which restricts the stretch of the ribbing but it isn't too bad. 
TechKnitting has this wonderful article on corrugated ribbing. 


I'm off to Bedford to shop at several stores. Some groceries, yarn, and fabric for the Regency dress. The pattern is ready to test. I hope to sew a bit when I get home and knit in the evening. 
Until the next time.....................................

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