Monday, March 09, 2020

A Good Laugh At Myself

Yesterday was a nicer day with only one snow shower. It got to 3C which was nice. This morning it is -3C, no wind and we are to have sun/clouds and 6C. That will be nice. 


Yesterday I headed out to grocery shop. It was done in good time as there weren't many people shopping. I did buy us tulips to cheer us up. 
I put them into cool water with a penny in the vase. They are a bit droopy in the picture but this morning they are standing up straight. The copper in the penny is suppose to keep them looking nicer for longer. So far, so good. 


A neighbor came over yesterday with a bag of old trims. Some are lovely and I can use them when making doll's dresses. We had a great discussion on selling crafts and the easiest way to do it. She is wanting to do this more than me. 
I did work on the doll's dress. When I first sewed the bodice I put it on doll and thought it looked great. 
I kept looking at the pattern pieces and thought they were marked incorrectly. I kept sewing away thinking about that. Yesterday, I looked at the pictures and had a good laugh at myself. I had put the bodice on backwards. 
The front flaps hold the bodice in place and a bib will be attached later. At this point, the bodice lining has been attached at the neckline and it needs a good pressing. Then onto the side seams. Once the bodice is done, it will be waiting for information on the skirt as someone stated there is a length difference between the front and back. 


I worked on the sweater last night and am on row 19 of the body. It is slow knitting as the yarn is fine and the needles small. The back has a pattern beside the button band that is not showing up and I would omit it if I was making this pattern again. 


I am thinking we might be going down the valley to get apples and I will stop to get fabric for 2 projects. I am behind on projects as the doll's dress is taking a lot of time and energy. I would love to get the bodice done today and start the next reading pillow. 

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