Saturday, March 28, 2020

Heart In The Home - A Big Thank You

After some dull grey days with snow flurries, we have sunshine and warm weather today. Hurrah!!


Yesterday morning I got a delivery of birthday flowers from daughter. They were left on the front step after the gentleman called to say he had them. The fun began. The Spousal Unit brought them in and laid them on the freshly disinfected counter. I wiped the plastic outer layer with disinfectant, removed it, wiped my hands and worked at getting the flowers out of the second layer. I put them into the waiting vase. Wrapping was disposed of, and everything I touched was disinfected again, including the counter. Half an hour later, I disinfected again. 
The rest of the morning was spent cleaning the bathroom. It was scrubbed and disinfected. By the time I was finished, my eyes were burning and running, my nose was running and my throat was sore from the fumes. I washed my hands and slathered them in hand cream. 
I also put up two strings of lights in our living room window. It is my way of thanking the essential services people. The lady across the street is a pharmacist and leaves for work most morning at just after 6 a.m. She is opening a pharmacy down the valley for 7 a.m. shopping for the seniors, etc. 


I spent 90 minutes in the sewing room getting the last ruffle made for the tree skirt. I can start sewing them on any time now. 
The next test pattern has been uploaded but it's missing most of the pictures. Waiting for the designer to upload the latest version.
I've been blah about getting April's sewing list done. I will work on it tomorrow. I have a few ideas in my head but have to see if I have enough supplies to do them. 


I've been knitting more in the afternoon as I watch the update for here. The test pattern is further along than this but hard to photograph as it is floppy pieces. 


The kitchen will be attacked once again. I will do a bunch more wiping down of the cupboard doors and drawers and bleach the floor. This afternoon we will go for a drive with no stopping, and this evening it will be knitting and movie watching. 
Until the next time.................................

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