Wednesday, March 04, 2020

A Doll's Dress Begun

It was just a grey day yesterday. Very little sunshine until late afternoon and one tiny shower. The high got to 11C. This morning it is 5C (warmer by 3C than 9 pm) and it has rained. A wet day today but it is to be warm at 8C. 


Yesterday the bathroom was scrubbed. It was good to get that job done. I also did a bit of cleaning in the kitchen and got the recycling ready to go out. A lot seems to accumulate some days. 
We did a bit of research yesterday about Covid-19 and there are no cases in Nova Scotia. But, we have been very careful with hand washing and keeping surfaces cleaned with disinfectant wipes. We also try to go out when there are less people shopping. The end result - we haven't had a cold or the flu this winter. Both are going around right now. 


The smaller table runner is ready for hand sewing. It was a delight to sew. 
I will be handing sewing it, the bigger one, and February's wall hanging this month. I may just sit and watch TV and hand sew a couple of mornings. 
I also cut out a simple doll's dress that was a test pattern. 
I used fabrics left over from another project. I do have about .3 meter of the stripe left. Unfortunately the only pictures are of the inside after I sewed the fronts together. 
The lining is the stripe and the floral is the outer part. 
I shortened the stitch length to 2.0 on my machine when I stitched the arms and neckline. It was a success. I have to clip all the curves and turn it right side out. The side seams will be a struggle as the back had to be sewn up due to its shape. 
The skirt is two pieces with the stripe underneath and the floral on the top. The bow is to be stripe with a floral wrap. That may change to a stripe. 


I worked on the hat last night. I'm doing the sheep at the moment. 
The first sleeve is done on the sweater and I'm almost done the 2nd sleeve. It knits up fast when you get going. This sweater will need buttons and ribbon bought for it. I'll do that once it is done. 


This morning we are out for haircuts and I need to get a prescription filled. Home for the rest of day to sew. We are out across the street tonight for birthday cake. 
Until the next time..........................

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