Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Progress On Projects

The snow fell for most of the day. Some of the flakes were huge -- about 3-4" across. It is -3C this morning and clear. Suppose to be sunny today with more snow tomorrow. 


I headed out and did our shopping at 7 a.m. I was in and out in 30 minutes. The store was extremely clean, social distancing was in place, and under 10 customers in the store when I left. 
While I was gone, the Spousal Unit shoveled the driveway. He was back out mid morning scraping another 2-3" of heavy wet snow. The person who ploughs our road cleaned the entrance to our driveway with the blade. The Spousal Unit thanked him with several hearty waves. By dinner time, the driveway was almost dry. 
I stayed in the house and cleaned all the flat surfaces and disinfected them. I did light switches, door knobs, and locks. I even disinfected the soles of my shoes. 


I spent almost 3 hours in the sewing room working on the tree skirt. I pressed the bias tape on the inner circle and it turned out perfect. The bias tape is on. I then cut 2 10" strips of gingham fabric and sewed them together. They were finished with a rolled hem and gathered on the raw edge. I did a bit of testing to see how it will turn out. 
The small black lace will cover the raw gathered edge nicely. I am doing a lot of zig-zag stitching to hold it firmly onto the burlap. I'm working on this until it is done. If I have 2 days left at the end of the month, I will sew Halloween fabrics. 


I knit a bit before dinner and a lot afterwards. The doll's sweater is coming along nicely. 
I have a couple more rows to knit before the yoke decreases begin. Almost done this project. The weaving in of the ends will take a bit of time. 


I will be putting on a pot of pea soup soon, making buns, and cleaning up the mess. I want to work on the tree skirt this afternoon and knit tonight. It is an at home day today. 
Until the next time.....................................

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