Monday, March 16, 2020

Covid-19 is in Nova Scotia

Yesterday was a bit cool with some wind but the sun did shine. This morning it is -6C, we had a flurry during the night and it is to be cool today and -14C tonight. 


It was announced late yesterday that Nova Scotia now has three presumptive cases of Covid-19. Confirmation will be today. All came through the airport, all are in isolation as are the limited number of people who came in contact with them. Were we surprised? No. We have an international airport and flights come in all the time. What was surprising was how long we remained Covid-19 free. 
We have had one of our smoke detectors chirping for quite a while. I have reset it and another one countless times. Daughter-in-law had it fixed yesterday as we had been reseting it with the battery in it and the procedure is to have it out, get rid of the remaining charge, put battery back in, test, hook up electrical, and test again. It is nice to have quiet again. 


I went off gluten and felt great. I added a bit to my diet for 3 days. It is the culprit to my gut issues so am gluten free once again. It made a huge difference eliminating 95% of it from my diet. 


I have put the Regency dress to one side as there is another pattern to test. Urgent said the same designer. 
I got the pattern cut out and worked on the collar. My test for the trim. 
The triple stitch would not show up. It was a choice between the two ribbons. 
Though the green showed up great on the test piece, the white won on the collar. I need to sew the second collar and start sewing the playsuit together. 


I knit on the sweater last night and am 16 rows from finishing it. Then on to the other test pattern and focus on it. 


After breakfast I am heading out for cat food and will see if the grocery store is not busy. If not, I'll shop. If it is, I'll got later tonight or very early tomorrow morning. I am not going to panic buy, but get a few things we need so we can stay home for 14 days. The most we will do is go for a drive so we can get out of the house. We will be doing a lot of social distancing by remaining at home.
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