Thursday, March 19, 2020

Busy With Sewing and Knitting

It was a sunny but cool day yesterday. Warm standing in the sunshine and cool in the shade. There was a cool wind also. Today is cool but the sun is going to shine for part of the day. 


I was out early this morning (7 a.m.) to do some grocery shopping. We can hunker down for a good week now. We do plan on going for short drives to get out of the house. No stopping for anything. 
The grocery store I went to was spotlessly clean and they were cleaning all the time. They even did the shopping carts for people. There were 10 of us in the store at 7 and about 25 when I left. Everyone was shopping as quickly as they could and leaving. The cleaning/disinfecting solutions did affect my throat but I will live with that. It was constant spraying and wiping while I was in the store. 


I worked on the Regency dress yesterday and got the skirt back and lining cut out, the bib front sewn, and thought of how I can turn the cording right side out without a bobby pin.
The bib turned out quite cute and I pinned it on the doll to see how it will look. I am going to use tiny snaps to hold it shut. 
I took pictures of the romper but the sun was still incorrect. One did turn out; the one of the ribbon bow on the front. 
Testers have used picot edged ribbon on the collar (really cute) and buttons down the front. Every one has been really cute. 
I worked on the chicken digitizing exercises and I had to redo the eye. One part was stitching the whole eye. I did follow the instructions but it didn't work. I learned a lesson. 
I'm now ready to do the lesson on the PC and hand it in. There is one more lesson, a challenge, and then we have to do our own project. I'm looking forward to that. 


I finished the hat for the second test pattern. I had to put it onto double pointed needles to get it the way I wanted it. 
The three needle cast off made a cute edge on the top. The lambs are very sweet. 
I started one sleeve and am half done it. It just has flowers on it. The sweater will be the most work as it is has the most stitches. The pattern is the same as the hat. 


Housework this morning, sewing this afternoon, and knitting tonight. Plans can change if we decide to go for a drive. 
Until the next time....................................

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