Friday, March 13, 2020

Hand Sewing While Embroidering

Yesterday was quite a nice day with the sun shining and a high of 4C. This morning it is sunny with a temperature of -2C. We will see rain this afternoon. 


We were out for eye appointments yesterday. Both of us have healthy eyes. I am not showing any signs of cataracts but needed quite a change in my prescription. I got new frames as mine are 12 years old. The Spousal Unit will get new reading glasses which we buy at a big box store. Done for another year. 


I spent some time before the eye appointment in the sewing room. I got the embroidery done. 
This took 3 hours of embroidery and while it was stitching out, I hand sewed binding down on the small table runner. 
The large runner has about half of the binding sewn down. 


No knitting last night as my eyes were coming out of dilation, my vision was horrid, and my eye ached because of trying to focus on things. 


We've been shopping for two weeks of groceries (schools are out now for break), are going to the library after lunch, and then may get some sewing done. 
Until the next time..................

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