Tuesday, March 03, 2020

A Delightfully Sunny Day

Though the high was only 4C, it was delightfully sunny all day yesterday. There was little wind which added to the delightfulness. Today is grey, 4C and will get to 10 or 11C. It is going to rain. 


Though we've had snow falling off and on since Friday, I decided to make the run to Bedford to do a bit of shopping. If the roads were bad, I was going to turn around and come home. They were excellent. Wet on the way in, dry on the way home. 
I did the shopping in record time and was home before lunch. I won't be going in for another week to 10 days as we can get what we need here.
Elliott chose to show us his stretching last night. That cat is long in the body. He was ignoring me as I didn't appreciate his help when knitting. He gets in my way and wants to chew on the yarn. 


I spent some time in the sewing room quilting the small runner. Using the walking foot made it an easy task. No ripping out due to puckers. 
I'll get the binding on today and prep it for hand sewing. Then the walking foot comes off the machine in preparation of sewing doll items for a few days. 
I didn't do the digitizing on the PC yesterday as I was too tired by the time I went to do it. It will wait for me. 


I knit on the sleeve but am waiting for a reply about a row that another tester questioned. If it is wrong I will have to take it back to that row and fix it. 
I'm the slow one. Others are working on the body now.  
The hat is coming along. As I don't do fair isle knitting that often, I work slowly to keep my tension correct. I've also had to unknit to fix mistakes. Knit 3 of main color has been knit 2 and back I go to fix it. I'm ready to knit the white sheep now. 
It really looks like colors here and there but the pink are flowers and the green does look like stems and leaves. I'm sure it will be nice when I get past the color changes. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. 


I'm home to day and will be doing housework, fabric will be laundered, sewing, and knitting. I do have to go out for a bit this afternoon. It will be nice to be home all day. 

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