Thursday, March 12, 2020

Reading Pillow Completed

Yesterday was another grey day with no rain. The 6C at 6 a.m. slid down to -1C by 5 p.m. This morning it is -3C and it is suppose to be sunny with clouds and snow flurries. 


On Tuesday I washed the tile floors with a product that I use on the counters and table. It left the floors sticky. Tuesday afternoon, I rinsed the floor with hot clear water. Some success in getting rid of the stickiness. Yesterday I washed them with hot clear water on my hands and knees. Success in getting rid of the stickiness but the water was black with dirt. That stuff removed all the dirt from the tile. 
I have been 48 hours gluten free. It has been hard as gluten is in a lot of food. We have been eating basic but are enjoying it very much. My joints are less painful and I have less gut issues. We will continue with the basic eating plan as I can substitute rice products in for me. I can't have gluten free pasta as I react to corn which is the main ingredient. 


After 3 tries, the designer got the right dress pattern up. I have printed out the latest skirt pieces in preparation to cut them out. 
Chatty Chicken Lesson 8 is done and ready to be submitted. I like doing the lessons on the PC as it seems to go smoother but am also doing it on the Mac for the challenge. 
The learning curve is huge and I'm happy to be learning how to digitize. 
I finished the reading pillow and just love it. So spring-like with the colors I chose. That was the fun part of the pillow. 
I looked at the embroidery designs on sale this week and the one I wanted is on sale. I bought it and set about making the wall hanging. I had to decrease the size a bit to fit the hoop. 
The vines are done and it was 52 minutes of stitching. I got the binding hand sewn down and the buttons on my sock monkey wall hanging. I'm sure I can get the small runner binding done with the rest of the design as the leaves take 48 minutes to stitch out. 


The sweater now has the sleeves added and I'm at the point where I need to have the sweater on a long cable needle or two shorter cable needles. I will be looking at what I have today.


I have to sweep floors and get a load of laundry done. I hope to stitch out the leaves prior to going to the optometrist this afternoon. Not sure what will happen tonight as I have to have my eyes dilated. 
Until the next time...............................

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