Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Two Doll Projects Done.

Yesterday morning we woke to the rain and it continued on and off all day. We had fun seeing if the predictions of when it would rain next on the Weather Underground app was correct. Often as not, it wasn't but quite often it was close. It said cloudy at 8:30 pm and it was raining. Good for a chuckle on a dull grey day. 


The Spousal Unit went out to the garage and swept it up while I cleaned the fridge and shone the stainless steel. I also dusted the living area and put away extra knitting needles. We were done early so we chatted for a bit. 
Today is the Spousal Unit's birthday. We aren't celebrating until Friday. Then it will be a bbq prime rib dinner. 


I added an extra serving of gluten to the menu yesterday with a bit of milk. Peaches were eaten so we see if it is a good or a bad day. I did look over what I should be eating and will be adding to the shopping list. Vegetables are fine but it's the fruit. I like a frozen mix with berries and cherries in it. It states no blackberries and cherries are not on either list. 


I pushed myself (yes a bit of stress) to make an outfit yesterday. I needed to get the fabric used up and off the cutting table. All that was left was a ball of scraps that fit in my hand. 
The skirt is Oh Sew Kat's free pattern and the top is the bodice of the basic dress I make. I lengthened it 1/2" and should do it 3/4" next time. All I bought was the eyelet lace as I had none and it's hard to find in that width in the stores. 
I'm onto another bag next. The fabric is on the cutting table ready to go. 


I sewed the buttons onto the test pattern sweater and did the photo shoot. 
It fits perfectly and is really cute. I'm pleased with the results though I may make another skirt to go with the sweater. 
I also worked on the next test pattern. I have the first sleeve done to where it is ready to go onto the sweater body and the second on is 8 rows short of being ready. 
I am enjoying knitting cables in find yarn. I have had very few issues with gaps before and after the cable. I must be doing something correct. It is also a tiny cable knit over 4 stitches. 


We have grandson and he and I will be pulling weeds along the hedge. I have to wash floors today. I probably won't sew but will get some knitting done. 
Until the next time.............................

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  1. It looks cute! Beautiful! Good job. I really like to watch such work.