Thursday, July 18, 2019

More Lady Bugs -- Buttons On A Bag

Yesterday was another warm one with a high of 30C. The humidex was 37C. Late in the afternoon, thunder rumbled quietly about and between 5 and 6 p.m. it poured rain -- 1/4" to be exact. This morning is 16C and quite refreshing. 


The Spousal Unit went to the hospital to give his blood for his cancer. 
I went out and looked at the vegetable plots and are they ever growing. They are lush. 
This is one box of tomatoes and they have been pruned. All are staked and are a good 3 feet tall. 
The potatoes have been growing like crazy. Most days over an inch. They are in bloom now and we wait for first new potatoes.


One good day and one bad day. Relooked at what I ate and I have to give up some vegetables (broccoli) and carbonated water/drinks. Back to water, coffee, and tea. I have to buy more bottled water as our water has an off taste in it during the summer. I will get this figured out. 


I had a good day in the sewing room. All came together well and it was a lot of fun. The lady bugs were delightful to work with. I even put a lady bug button on the back strap. 
Then I put two more onto one strap. 
The bag is now ready for the lining and a big red or black button. 
I'll be sad when this one is done but happy when it finds a new owner.


I finished the hat to the test pattern. Really cute and I'm glad I changed yarn colors. 
I also worked on the Bella Bolero and am almost ready to cast off the sleeves and pick up along the front. Here's hoping my first and last stitch idea works for a tidy edge of picked up stitches. 


I have to go to son's for an hour or so and then it's time to finish the lady bug bag down to the button. I will start the test pattern sweater this evening. 
Until the next time............................

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