Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Parcel Deliver and Lost is Found

Yesterday's temperature got to 31C and in the afternoon we had a good thunderstorm. Actually it was the best one we've seen since moving here. The temperature dropped to 21C and shot up to 25C after the storm was over. Today is suppose to be just as hot and we have a chance of another thunderstorm.


I quickly cleaned the house yesterday and am pleased with how fast it cleans up. As soon as the weather cools down from this heat wave, I'll be doing a deeper clean. 
The Spousal Unit started watering the lawn yesterday and got 2/3rds done before it started to rain. He may have to start up again as we only had 1/4" fall. Not enough. 


My symptoms are slowly going away. If I eat properly, it does better than if I add foods that irritate it. Hopefully it will be under control soon. I'm not complaining as it is better than it was two weeks ago.


I did some clean up in the sewing room yesterday. I ironed 3.5 meters of cotton and put it away. I folded the fabric for the shirt I want to make for the Spousal Unit. The cutting table got cleaned up in hopes that I would be inspired to sew a doll's outfit. It didn't happen. 
I looked at fabrics, thought of patterns and nothing was clicking. Instead I grabbed the last two lobster placemats and sewed them up. Those pieces of fabric have been on the table most of July. Next up, 6 napkins.
I also fiddled around with a cute charging station. As I worked on it, I made a list of what I need to buy -- peltex and a grommet. 
Since the picture, I have put the fusible fleece on the black piece, made piping from a scrap of ladybug fabric, and have started to pin the lining and black together with the piping between it. 
A parcel arrived from Daughter and it is full of suede pieces for fringe. Here are some ideas for bags.
The Aztec or Southwestern look in turquoise has a nicely matching hunk of leather against it. A really close match. 
 And here it is with clay colored suede. Ideas are swirling in my head for this one. 
I bought the feather fabric to have on hand. I wasn't sure how I'd do it up but this green suede matches one of the feathers perfectly.
And, the hot pink looks gorgeous with this flowered piece. 
I got some good ideas perking in my head to start in August. 
I've also been looking for bag making supplies I had stashed. I finally found them yesterday and have a couple of new ideas forming in my head. 
Magnetic closures give me the chance to do another tab closure. Add magnetic closure and button and done. 
Handles in leather. I got these many years ago and kept them. The rest a friend got as she was into bag making and couldn't find them. 
And all of this. I'm trying a new way to attach handles on one bag using the rectangle rings. 
It was like Christmas when I found the tub full of these items and 3 acrylic bottoms for bags. 
I tallied up what I've sewn from the stash this month. 11.3 meters sewn and 5 meters given to Daughter for her shirt business. I've sewn 40.55 meters so far this year. The best I've ever done. 


I knit yesterday while the storm was on. I got the body done and the sleeves added to the sweater. I'm now working on the decreases. If I have another go tonight, I'll be ready to divide the back. I'm enjoying making the cables and they are turning out nicer than I had hoped. 


We are going out to do a bit of shopping and to the library. Then it's home to sew. I need to dig out the basic bodices and make a cute dress for the dolls. Maybe two dresses. That would use up 1.25 meters of fabric. All from the stash. That would be nice. 
Until the next time..............................

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