Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Another Bag In The Making

Yesterday as another warm and sunny day. The temperature rises quickly in the morning. Today is another warm sunny day. High yesterday was 27C with a repeat for today.


Grandson had a fun time at the pool yesterday with rescue after falling through ice. They played another game during their lesson. He is enjoying his lessons. 
The big push yesterday was to fold laundry. It hadn't been done and it took a good 45 minutes to get under control. It can't happen again as that was just too much laundry to fold. 
Elliott is feeling better. His nose is cold and wet and his tummy is soft to the touch. It was quite hard while he was ill. He is enjoying the canned cat food that he gets when he has his medication. I hate to tell him there isn't any more for a while. I'm sure I will be low down on his popularity list for a few days. 


I had my stress fling with over eating so I'm starting back on the wagon today. I have decided to get back onto my old eating regime over the next two to three days. 


 I had a fun three hours in the sewing room. I got the pattern drawn, the bag cut out and the fun elements done. The bag is now ready for the lining. 
I put jumbo rick rack along the diagonal seam. I took my time applying it so the edges of the rick rack won't curl up. 
On the back, I put a band that is sewn down in the middle. If a barrel racer wants to hang a pair of velcro closed horse boots on it, she can. Otherwise it is a fun decoration. 
I want to make a long leather tassel to hand on the handle. I have added a swivel snap for that reason. 
This bag will have a large button with a loop so it can be closed. 


I started the doll shoe yesterday and ripped it out at the end of row 1. I need to try again today. Once I get what to do, I will have no issues. 


Grandson goes to swimming. Then sewing on the bag and finally work on the shoes. We will watch the Calgary Stampede as Pool B starts their 4 days today. 
Until the next time..............................

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