Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Nearing the Finish Line -- Linen Bag

Yesterday was grey but not dull. It didn't rain at all. In the late afternoon, the sun shone and we enjoyed it to the fullest. The high got too 20C. Today is to be warmer and then hot for a couple of days. We do need the heat. 


It is the start of swimming for grandson and I quite happily take him to his lessons. We enjoy this time together talking about everything and nothing. 
The flowers at the front of the house are looking nice considering how much wet cool weather we've had. The begonia is loving it. 
I've had poor results with them in the past due to the hot climate we lived in. Here everyone has them and they do well so I tried and am happy with the results. 
The Vancouver Centennial geranium has buds on it. I can't wait to see it bloom. 
I have two others that are not as advanced as this one. I'm hoping to take cuttings this fall so I have lots of them for next  year. Lots means 9. 
The Spousal Unit trimmed tomatoes yesterday and is happy with how well they are doing. 
Elliott had a better day yesterday. He slept under his blanket for 6-7 hours and then played with some toys. He laid in the sun and was happy all day. 


I almost finished the reusable shopping bag I started the other day. Other than sewing the turning hole in the lining and buying a button, it's done. 
I have enough linen left to make one more bag though I do have to buy cotton to line it. That piece will be done later. It isn't worrying me as much as I have a plan for it in the near future. I have to decide on beige or blue lining. 
Daughter has asked for a new lunch bag for Christmas. I'm delighted to make her one which is patterned off the one I made her Sept. 2016. 
I will have to find fabric for it. I am thinking this fabric.
Plain with a plaid pocket. I'll take a trip to the city to see what I can do. 


When I gathered up my knitting to take to the pool, I discovered Elliott was a demon with the yarn. 
It wasn't too hard to wind into two balls but it is annoying when he does that. 
The dress is coming along nicely. I am about half done it. I keep working on it some each day so I can have it finished by mid July. 


After I take grandson to his swimming lessons, we are going to Wolfville to visit Randall House (museum) and have lunch. The first of several visits to museums this summer. I do enjoy our time together looking in museums. 
I also want to finish the bag (except the button) and do some knitting on the dress.
Until the next time.................................

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