Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Bit Of Machine Embroidery

Yesterday was cooler so we did wander outside for a bit in the afternoon. There was a humidex which drove the temperature up by 4C. It clouded over and rained during the night. Cooler today with more rain. The lawns and plants will love that. 


While the Spousal Unit was out tying up cucumbers so they will go upwards, I cleaned the house. I moved constantly vacuuming, dusting, wiping, and getting rid of stuff. By noon, I was done what I had set out to do and a bit more. It was nice to get it all done knowing that the house wasn't overly dirty. 
We wandered over to talk to our neighbor in the late afternoon and to cuddle their new puppy. He is so adorable and loves to stretch out and rub himself in the lawn. We left just as the crew arrived to pave their driveway. 


I had a great day yesterday. On the down side, my weight is up a bit as I have been eating cheese for a snack. I'm going to have to try to figure out what I can have that has less calories in it for a snack. I'm really limiting what I am eating at the moment. It's a day by day call at the moment. 


I cleaned up the sewing room and am ready for the next sewing spree. I even got the garage out of there and the floor swept. 
I tested an embroidery file for a lady. I thought my embroidery component was damaged by the flood but it wasn't. It is working fine. It was me. 
There is a narrower width ruffle plus the sleeves for the dress pattern I made. A nice combination for the dress. I will try to use the ruffles on other items as this type of edging is hard to find here. The plus, I can custom make it to match the colors in the outfit. 


I finished up and blocked the one test pattern and will put buttons on it today. Then the photo shoot. I started the next test pattern and after a bit of an oops on needle size, I got what I wanted knit. 
There was an interesting discussion on the size of yarn and needles and it is interesting to see what people knit with. One lady loves finer yarn and smaller needles so her outfits look proportionally correct on the dolls. Another lady uses heavier yarn and larger needles due to ease of dressing the dolls. 
I'm the one who loves to knit with fine yarn and small needles for the dolls due to correct proportions. I've been really picky on fit since I started sewing/knitting for the dolls. But, being a tester has me knitting with sports yarn and larger needles. I have tested some really cute designs in that weight and they look great. My favorite is coats/jackets in that sports weight yarn. It's like us liking that worsted weight or heavier sweater. But, I like it to fit nicely and not look like it is a couple of sizes too big on the doll. 


I need to clean the fridge and do some laundry. I should also dust the living area. This afternoon is sewing time. Knitting later on and this evening. I also need to do a photo shoot of the new sweater, hat, and skirt. 
Until the next time........................

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