Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Flu and A Flu Shot

Yesterday's rain quit and we had a lovely warm day. Warm being a high of 17C. It didn't cool off with flurries last night. We got to a low of 4C and it's cloudy this morning. It is suppose to be cool today and tomorrow.


Yesterday I had a touch of the flu. I only did the basic things (laundry and keep the kitchen clean). I rested a lot and read. 
In the midst of the flu, we had a doctor's appointment and we went. The Spousal Unit got the results of his blood tests. Everything is going well. We both got our flu shots. We had a chuckle in the car. Flu shots and I had the flu. 
I went to WW last night but didn't stay. I've lost 1.1 lbs since last month. Breaking the sugar cycle has helped me loose not only what I had gained above last month's weigh in but to loose a bit more. I am not tracking this week as I want to refine my eating. Next week, I will be back at tracking and goal setting. 
I was in bed early and am feeling much better today. I know it will take another 24 hours to feel 100%. 

Sewing Room

I made up the box for the extra sewing notions, put in the liner and took it downstairs to sort through my notions. Even the first three drawers of the tower were sorted. I have a few items for a friend but the rest is in the box and it isn't even half full. I will monitor this box and release what I don't use. 
I did notice that I have items that need to be put onto 2 peg boards close to the ironing board and cutting table. Easy to see and use. Those I have stored in the tower. Am I getting closer to feeling organized? I sure hope so. 


I knit a bit on the doll's shawl. Maybe 10 rows. I couldn't do much more than that. I need to figure out my next project. 


The goal is to paint the closet and one side of the doors. We are being picked up at 3 p.m. to go to grandson's soccer game. 
Until the next time.........................

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