Sunday, October 21, 2018

On A Roll and Then Brain Paralysis

Yesterday, the weather was warm and wet. Not a lot of rain but still we had some showers. The clouds came in black and ugly but didn't have a lot of rain in them. Overnight was warm and this morning is foggy. 


With it being so dark outside, I didn't paint the spots on the ceiling yesterday. With or without the inside lights on, I could not see the areas that needed fixing up. 
The Spousal Unit almost finished cleaning up the garden. He dug out the rosemary and lemon grass as they will be stored indoors. In the vegetable beds, he needs to put away the tomato cages. The flower beds need some cleaning up and I will have to help once I get the sewing room finished. 

Sewing Room- What Happened?

First was to cut out the test pattern that I missed the deadline to. I still want to make it as it is a cute pattern. 
Then, I decided to tackle more of my sewing stuff. I grabbed all the doll's hair thingys and put them in a basket. The basket is too big and I will transfer them to a smaller one a bit later on. 
Next was the two trays that I put projects into. I had some lime green fabric in one of the trays. That fabric floats around in my head. For a bit it is in the trash can and other times it is in a design. The design is winning as I have trim that has the lime green, white, and black in it to make a cute doll's dress. This is left over from a store project (Summer 2016). The trays can sit on the cutting table as they will hold two projects; one being sewn and the other ready to start. 
I then found some lace and put them into the lace bin. More thread went into the thread drawer. I was on a roll. I picked up the basket full of sewing notions. Then a small container with more notions in it. I laid it all out on the cutting table and looked at it. Scissors, pins, needles, tape measures, stitch rippers, and more. I had brain paralysis so bad that I didn't even know where to put the sewing machine needles. All that went through my head was OMG. I had to walk away. Nearly 12 hours later, I could think about those notions. They are not sentimental. Most of them I bought for dirt cheap ($1.00 or less) and some at 50% off the regular price. 

Why the brain paralysis?

I think the brain paralysis came from finding these items that I had mostly forgotten about. I couldn't deal with them. My brain needed to assimilate their purpose. When I realized some are extra stock (pins and needles) and remainder to replace items that are worn out. What is left over from that will be donated or tossed. The One In One Out rule will be used. 


I plan on doing the ceiling as the sun will shine in a while. Then it will be dealing with those notions and moving on. I still have a tower of notions to deal with. 
Until the next time....................

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