Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Change In Plans

It rained for 2 days and we got 2.25". There were times it was raining heavily and .25" would fall in 15-20 minutes. Yesterday was clearer and there was a shower in the evening. Cooler temperatures as the draft/breeze came out of the north. Fall is here until the next temperature rise. 


Excitement prevailed starting Friday noon. I got a call from Son saying they were in an accident, were fine, and could I come and get them. I headed out in a heavy rainfall 30 minutes west from the house. When I arrived, Son's truck had been hit on the passenger side. The other driver was at fault and was in worse shape. It took a long time to get the insurance part done. I took them to be checked out in emergency and left them there as I went to Grandson's soccer game. 
Balancing an umbrella and taking pictures in the rain is quite the feat. Grandson's team played well for their first game and in the rain. They lost 1-0. 
They play on a professional grade artificial turf which was wet. That is water at the edge of the red. A part of the running track that the run club was running on. In the spring the track will be paved with rubber. 
Grandson and I picked up the guys and they were fine; sore but nothing broken, cracked, etc. We had supper, got Grandson to his pumpkin carving, home again, and retired early. 
Yesterday, Grandson was back to pumpkin carving and float decorating. We headed out to get Son's rental truck. I went shopping and it was a fast trip as I was home by noon. 
I did luck out shopping. I found this container that I will put flowers into for the sewing room. I need to get 5 flowers that I liked at 70% off. 
I also got some Christmas presents to ship out using free postage on Tuesday. 


Nothing happened in sewing. Or in the sewing room. 


I finished knitting a messy bun hat for Daughter. I started a doll's shawl but will rip it out and buy needles so I can do a provisional cast on. In the meantime, I will knit another hat for Daughter. 


It is Pumpkin Regatta today. 
I took this before Christmas as I love it. I'm sure we may not get near it today. Windsor is known for the regatta and growing huge pumpkins. 
We will be out and about today to watch the parade and the boating of field pumpkins across the lake. 
Until the next time.................

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