Saturday, April 30, 2016

ER Excitment

Yesterday was a bit cooler than the previous days and this morning is sunny with a wind. We need this prior to the warmer weather that is coming.


I worked a 4 hour shift yesterday and happily came home. It was a good thing as the Spousal Unit wasn't feeling well. He had slept and was hot to the touch. He tried to eat but that didn't go well. We headed out to ER where we spent an exciting evening. One should go to the ER on a Friday night to get a dose of excitement.
We met a young man our kids grew up with. He was in pain and when we left at 1:30 a.m., he was still there waiting to see the doctor. The ER was full of people. Several were with police escorts and one of them escaped. The gamut of illnesses was great; broken hip, diabetes out of control, the flu (as the Spousal Unit had) and more.
The Spousal Unit was discharged with a temperature that was higher than I liked but he is sleeping quietly at the moment. I think he is over the worst. All the extra tests they do on him as he has had chemo showed he is doing well and improving.
I do have to say, I am tired but will survive.


I did do a couple of hours of sewing and am ready to put a zipper or closure on the Cabbage Patch Doll jacket.
Once that is done, the hood can be attached. Both grey outfits need red shirts to brighten them up.  
Thank you to the person who told me about Liberty Jane website. I have it marked. But you made me look into the Friday free pattern of which I downloaded the free one yesterday.


I work an 8 hour shift and I will be going to bed shortly after I get home. I will need a lot of sleep to get over this last lack of sleep.
Until Monday..................

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