Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Looking At the Wardrobe Plan

Yesterday was another lovely day with a high of 21C or 70F. We are having a long stretch of lovely weather and it could go for another week or so.


The Spousal Unit got the mulch between the cement and the lawn and it really defines that space. He also mowed the lawns again. Next on his list is dirt and more mulch. He enjoys working outdoors so much that he is mentally and physically much stronger than a month ago.


I have almost traced the top pattern for the doll. A few more lines and then the pieces can be rough cut. The fabric will be washed and then I can cut. Looking forward to that.
I have been looking at the navy column for work. It is very casual and not much has been done.


2 pairs of navy jeans (worn on Monday and Fridays)
Navy top with lace inserts
Red top with lace on the front

To Make With Fabric On Hand

Navy t-shirt
White t-shirt
Red t-shirt
Navy chambray top
Navy denim (stretch) leggings or Barb Pants
Light blue plaid for a shirt

To Buy

Navy Ponte for pants
I am adding some fuchsia pants to the mix as I want to TNT the Barb pattern. I can wear the navy and white t-shirts with them. I can look for pink for a top to wear with them and the navy pants.
Right now I am waiting until staff appreciation day to buy the remaining fabric. I do hope that I can get some sewing done in the meantime.


I am off work and need to buy groceries and a few outside items. Housework and laundry and number one on the list so I can sew this weekend. It will be an intense cleaning day for me.
Until tomorrow...................

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