Friday, April 29, 2016

Another Doll Pattern

Yesterday was warm and muggy. The high was 21.5C or 71F but everyone said it felt warmer than that. On the way home from work you could see the storms coming in. As we ate dinner it poured rained. No thunder or lightening though. Everything feels fresh again.


The Spousal Unit spent the day resting. He was cold, aching, and grumpy when I got home. He had a bout of the flu which was over with at 4:30 a.m. I am sure he will spend another day resting to fully recover.
I spent the day at cash and in the notions. I emptied one cupboard to put as much out on the floor as possible. That led to straightening up 6 notion racks. In the end, 70% or more of what was in the cupboard was put out. A big accomplishment.


I saw one beautiful piece of fabric a customer purchased. I am going to buy it for a friend and make it into a table cloth for her table ~ a house warming gift.
I also got another doll clothes pattern.  
I haven't opened the pattern, I am just looking at the pictures and thinking.


The afghan didn't worked on last night. The lady who it goes to and I talked about it yesterday. I will do 2 rows of dark blue, finish up the light blue and then do dark blue to frame it. She is so happy to be getting it finished. Then it is back to knitting. Socks and a doll sweater are next.


I work a full 8 hour shift and will be back in the notions. Velcro plus more cupboards. I am happy to be working my way through them and tidying up the areas they go into.
Until tomorrow......................

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