Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Perfect Waistband (In My Opinion)

Yesterday was cool with small showers all day. We wore our coats every time we went outside. Last evening, it accumulated into a storm that included lightening, thunder, and a good rainstorm. The Spousal Unit sat outside to watch it.


Yesterday morning, we headed out to get pots for the cucumber and watermelon plants, mulch for the yard and to look at plastic trellis for under the front porch. We did buy a rose bush and 2 hostas that we needed but weren't on the list. A great outing for us.
We did do some planning yesterday and I have to say that we are not exactly on the same page. The Spousal Unit wants to forage ahead with the renovations and I want to stick with our plan of doing a room each month. Part of it is the fact he is feeling so much better and wants to do other things such as travel.
I worked from 5 to 9:15 pm and it was quiet after the storm started. Everyone left and went home from the stores in the strip mall. The parking lot was empty except for a few cars. I did get a big box of yarn put away after doing some reorganization in that area. Then I inventoried items that are going away until fall. Though I wasn't flat out busy after putting the yarn away, I was busy.


I have the waist band on the Barb pants. It was an interesting method which I really liked. The waistband is sewn together to make side seams. Then I folded it in half hotdog wise and pinned the 2" wide elastic in place. I did a tiny seam at the raw edges and then sewed it onto the pants. Professional looking.
Next I have to try them on, adjust the fit in the hips, sew the new seams and hem the pants. After that is done, the pattern will be adjusted.


I knit on our grandson's socks yesterday afternoon. It was dark in the house and I had my issues counting rows. Today I will take them outside to count the rows prior to working on them. The first sock is ready for the toes and the second sock needs 15 more rows (I think).
The Spousal Unit and I had to wind the skein of yarn into a ball prior to me knitting and we both love the feel of this yarn. I'm still thinking mitts for me from the rest of the yarn.


I am off work and have no big plans. Some laundry, some housework, some sewing, and some thinking. It is time to think about travel, renovations, and taking care of ourselves.
Until tomorrow...........................

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  1. I love those socks! How many stitches did you cast on for them? I know they are for a child, and am interested in making some for my niece's little boy.