Monday, April 11, 2016

An Amazing Amount of Work

Yesterday was another lovely sunny day with a high of 21.6C or 71F. Though the temperature is to be similar today, there is suppose to be a few clouds.


With the morning free, I did a bit of housework. Mainly swept floors and I see that Elliott is busy shedding and the dust bunnies have multiplied.
The Spousal Unit worked outside all day and napped in the late afternoon. He has got an amazing amount of work done.

The peach tree is in the ground and the leaves should come out soon. Though it looks like a branch, it is a good healthy tree.
The raised garden boxes are now ready for dirt. While I was at work, the back and sides of each box were finished. The rocks were put in so we won't have to buy a lot of dirt we will never see or use.
Next on the list is putting a mix of red and black mulch between the lawn and cement.
There is still a lot of work to be done in that small backyard but it is coming along nicely. We need more gravel and mulch and the Spousal Unit wants to put in 6 to 8 rose bushes. There are a lot of weeds to pull also but that will come with time.


I rough cut out the Barb pants pattern yesterday and then traced a pair of pants for an 18" doll. I am now tracing a top to be sewn out of the same fuchsia Ponte as my pants. It will be fun to use up scraps of the fabric and make doll clothes.


I am working a full 8 hour shift. I will be cashing out and then home to relax. I have Tuesday off.
Until tomorrow........................

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