Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Pink Slip

Yesterday was a cool day, especially in the afternoon. We had wind and rain. The high got to 14.6C or 58F. I am sure that was in the morning only. This morning is quite cool and the high is to get to about yesterday's high. We are to see more sun though.


I didn't work yesterday so it was a day at home to do the things we needed to do. My first foray out of the house was to visit the dietician I haven't seen for 2 years. She monitors my A1C and helps me with my eating habits. My fall A1C was 5.9 and this one was 5.9 which means I am below the pre-diabetes range. I am doing fine due to watching my food and working hard on the floor at Fabricland. We did talk about walking 20 minutes a day outside and, when I decide to retire, to work out in a gym.
Our next foray out was to grocery shop and then we looked at dirt, a peach tree, hostas, and a few other perennials. Everything but the dirt is residing in the carport. The peach tree will go in the back yard and the rest in the front flower bed. We need a hydrangea bush and a few more hostas and the front will be done for this year.


I finished making a slip for a joke at tonight's staff meeting. I bought pink satin and some lace (total cost was $2.60) and followed this tutorial.
I did this project as one of the ladies always ended up a conversation about my mistakes with "giving me my pink slip". Well she gets hers tonight as a joke. She has to do something for another staff member next month.


I work a split shift. I am home during the afternoon so am taking the Spousal Unit to get lumber for the vegetables boxes he is making.
Until tomorrow (I hope)........................

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