Friday, April 22, 2016

The Barb Pants

Yesterday started out warm and muggy. It got warmer and muggy all morning and at 2:30 p.m., it started to rain. We looked to the north and the sky was black. I saw a huge flash of lightening as we drove to get a few groceries. The storm moved away but we had loud rumblings of thunder until 9:30 p.m. Today is a repeat of yesterday though a bit cooler.


I was home all day and did do some clean up and laundry. I also wandered outside to look at the yard and to talk about the next step. We need to head out to get a few materials and plants this weekend.
I spent some time getting ready for the accountant to come last evening. We do enjoy having him come as we can visit during the time he is here. He has me doing a few more things in preparation for next year as we have the rental property. The bullet journal is back out to start recording information on what he requested. It also has me jotting down ideas and numbers.
I finally got Stitcher's Guild to work. I shut down the computer and restarted it. It was slow to load but it finally came up and worked fine after that.


I finally had to clean up the sewing room. I was avoiding going into that room. I dusted, rearranged and put away. I finally got everything into the closet in a rather messy fashion. I will deal with the closet later on. I found the cutting table. I moved some stuff under the table and the room was cooler. It seems as if I had the floor vent cover almost closed in that room.
I laid out the pants I found on the table and got out the colour cards to see what colours I can make tops out of. The colour of these pants is not fuchsia but magenta.
Of all the colours shown, I see wearing purple, turquoise, and other shades of pink. I have 4 more meters in the stash so will be making another pair of pants and a top from it. I have a lovely purple knit to make a couple of tops out of. I am okay with having a small column in this colour.
Feeling much better, I sewed up the pants. They are big in the hips and I had my usual issue with the waist band.
When I cut out the pattern I added an inch to the top of back waist narrowing it down 1/2" to at the side. The front I left as is. When trying on the pants, I had done right in the back, can leave the 1/2" off the side, and I need to remove 1" off the center front.
 The lines are the proof. I will cut the lines off, attach the waist band, take in the area at the hip and hem them. I will call it a day with these pants and then start work on the next pair. I will print out the next size smaller and work on getting them to fit. When that is done, I will cut out the navy and black fabric.


I knit 5 or 6 rounds on Grandson's socks while waiting for the accountant. I will be knitting these during the day as I hate knitting on dark yarn at night. I just can't see the small stitches when I am knitting socks in a dark colour.


I am at home until 5 p.m. and work until 9 p.m. I will do some sewing and some planning of meals. It is time to get back to eating properly again. I also want to do some BBQing and smoking on my days off.
Until tomorrow...............................

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