Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Many Thoughts

Yesterday was a sunny day with a high of 18.2C or 64.7F. Today we are to get much the same with sunshine most of the day.


I worked cash yesterday. Between customers, I put out/priced yarn, marked down (discontinued) items, put out more notions, and did some clean up. I was busy all day long as were all the other staff. The areas that got organized look amazing. 
The Spousal Unit continues to work outside and the yard is coming along nicely. He is doing amazingly well and is getting stronger. He is also happier that he can do more each day.
I have been thinking about a lot of things lately. This includes work, wardrobe, exercise, eating, home renovations, and more. It is mind boggling to put together a plan but it will come as I think through my thoughts.


Wardrobe thoughts are going through my mind. What do I need in it? How big does my wardrobe have to be? Patterns, fabrics, and so on. It has been a real process to get to where I am now.
What I have planned for a navy and a black column remains. Each column will have 12 pieces in it. The tops should be in colours that go with each column. The navy column has white, purple, and turquoise in it. They will go with the black column. The black column will have red and another colour in it.
All the tops will be basic as I want to move them from work to home. There will be t-shirts and a few woven tops. The pants will be in stretch fabric or purchased jeans. I will buy a few capris as I wear them in the summer.
The accessories will be added as I find them. A bracelet, earrings, and shoes. Runners and one pair of good shoes. I will make a coat and knit mitts, a scarf and a toque for winter. Simple I hope.


I am working on the afghan and have to rip back to the beginning of the row. I need to make an adjustment on the curve at each end. It is coming along though and I am trying to work an hour on it each night/day.
I did look at the yarn as I put it out yesterday. I found some cotton yarn I am going to buy to make some tea towels. They make excellent Christmas gifts. I looked at the sock yarn and saw a denim blue variegated yarn to knit a doll's sweater out of. Pricey but cute. There is a wool yarn that I am going to buy and do a swatch out of. If it works, I will use it for my next course -- Taming Your Tension. The knitting needles will be busy for the next several years.


I don't work but am going in for Staff Appreciation this evening. I need a few things but hope to keep it to a minimum. I do hope to tape the pant pattern together and get it ready to trace. I also want to enjoy the outdoors.
Until tomorrow..........................

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