Saturday, April 02, 2016

Spring Is Here

Since coming home on Wednesday, the weather has been very warm with highs of 23C or 73.5F. The nights are cool which is nice as I open all the windows and cool the house off. We aren't using our a/c yet.


I have been busy at work for the past two days. I learned month end paperwork and am trying to get a few things caught up in the notions. It is never ending but I knew that when I asked to work in that area.
The Spousal Unit has been busy outside. He is getting the raised vegetable beds ready to build, cleaning up the front flower bed, and enjoying the sunshine. He is getting stronger.


I have looked in the sewing room but haven't sewn. The next project is ready for me to sew on Monday. It won't take me long to whip it up.
I set aside the top pattern and have tried to look at fabrics for it. I need to really spend a bit of time looking. I know there is some lovely knits to buy for knit tops but the cottons are not popping at me at this moment. I just need to wander around and look at them carefully.


I am at work all day. I have to work tomorrow and I have Monday off.
Until tomorrow.........................

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