Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Driving Frustrations

Yesterday was cooler by 8C and I did run the a/c a bit. This morning is quite cool and the house is cool so the a/c will run only a short while this afternoon. It is suppose to hot again today and then cooler damper weather.


I had to grocery shop yesterday morning and we also got some plants. After setting the plants out and putting away the groceries. I got ready for work.
On the way to work, the road I take was closed at a set of lights. A HUGE funeral procession was turning left at the lights and they stopped us from going forward. After about 100 cars following a group of riders on horseback, I turned around and headed home to go to work via the downtown route. All I could see was many, many cars coming in the funeral procession.
My trip though downtown was interesting. On the way to downtown, I saw two accidents just off the street. That jammed traffic on the main street. I forgot the street I take to head east was blocked due to a movie being filmed. That meant more traffic congestion. I arrived at work frazzled as it had taken me twice as long to get there.
The Spousal Unit has planted part of the vegetable boxes. He also planted some flower I had laid out in a tub. He is certainly puttering along in that area. We also worked on another area of the fairy garden in the evening.


Nothing got done yesterday but a bit of ironing of some fabric.


Heather, I am finishing the afghan for a friend. Her mom did all the center strips and got two or three put together before she passed away. I put the rest of the strips together and am doing the border. I am hoping to get it done this summer and will make it if I work on it during the evenings.


I am working a full day. Nothing much will get done around here.

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  1. I'm sure your friend will cherish the afghan. My mum had one in progress when she died suddenly, so I finished it. It means a lot to me.