Sunday, April 17, 2016

Finding A Few Sewing Items

Yesterday was another beautiful day with a cool morning and warm afternoon. Today is to be warm and tomorrow is suppose to be hot.


As we were heading out to shop, I got a call asking if I would work so I agreed to a 4 hour afternoon shift. We did our shopping and I went to work.
While I was at work, the Spousal Unit planted the hydrangea in the front. Other than putting up lattice around the bottom of the porch, the front is done for this year.
The back yard is farther advanced than we thought. There is one area to finish and a bunch of clean up to do and we will be done landscaping for this year. We are looking at a gazebo for the cement patio so we can enjoy the outdoors.


As I cut for customers, I was able to set aside a few things I needed for projects. I found a fat quarter to line the doll's jacket with. Two remnants were purchased along with some elastic. I am set up for a while now. Next purchase is staff appreciation evening.
I find I am enjoying making doll clothes. The 18" doll clothing if easy to make and I can trim them up nicely. I am also thinking of making a wardrobe for a Cabbage Patch doll that I own. I will sell the clothing at a Christmas craft bazaar this fall.
The pants I cut out for myself will be sewn next. I look forward to working on them now that I have the elastic for the waistband.


I got one round of the darker blue yarn crocheted on the afghan last night and it is looking nice. The next round has been started and once it is done, I will go back to the lighter blue for several rows.


I have to do a bit of laundry and we are then heading out to visit friends and look at the house they bought. We look forward to our visit with them.
Until tomorrow..................

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