Monday, April 18, 2016

Doll Clothes to Sew and Knit

Yesterday was warm at 25C or 78F but today is suppose to be hot. Yes hot with a high of 31C or 88F. I guess the a/c will be turned on mid morning.


After doing a bit of laundry, we headed out to visit friends about a 55 minute drive from us. We had a fabulous day with them visiting, touring around and seeing the house they bought and are renovating. A perfect place for them.
This was the Spousal Units first trip and he held up very well. He was tired but didn't fall asleep on the way home or when relaxing in the evening. A sign he is getting stronger.


Heather, the dolls I am looking at are American Dolls (expensive), Canadian dolls (somewhat cheaper) and one that Sears puts out in their stores in November. A friend bought the doll Sears sells and sewed some clothes for them. She said the clothes she made fit well. I am still deciding on which way I will go.
I hauled out some scraps from the vest I made for Daughter. I laid out the pattern pieces for a short jacket and pants for the 18" doll. I am still tracing the pattern pieces from the first pattern and thinking about variations for outfits.

I also cut out a hooded jacket and pants for a Cabbage Patch doll.
The small scraps went into the garbage can. To these grey outfits, I will add a red knit t-shirt to make a complete outfit. These are fun items to make when I have a few minutes to sew. Before I can sew them, I have to finish sewing up the pink Ponte outfit and my pants. There is an order to my madness.  


I crocheted more on the afghan last night. One more evening and I will be changing back to the light blue/green yarn.
I have been looking at patterns for sweaters, hats, coats, etc. for the American dolls. A few sites are:
I also look on Pinterest and Blue Ridge has a fabulous collection of doll clothes. 18" doll clothes is another great Pinterest site.
I have decided if I buy a pattern, I will have to knit it up several times and incorporate it into outfits I am sewing.
If you like to knit Barbie doll clothes, Stickatillbarbie is a fabulous site.


I am off work and need to do housework and some sewing.
Until tomorrow....................

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  1. Many thanks for the information on the dolls and where I can get patterns. Much appreciated!