Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Hot and Busy Day

Yesterday was the hottest day to date. It got up to 30.5C or 87F. Hot enough to turn the a/c on after lunch to keep the house cool. It did get turned off for the night. Today is a repeat of yesterday. We have all the windows and doors open this morning and are enjoying the cool air going through the house.


The majority of yesterday was spent cleaning the house and doing laundry. It is nice to have a clean place once again. There were no other plans for the day as this was a priority.
The Spousal Unit watered the lawn with hopes that he doesn't have to do it again for 3 or 4 days. The soil here does hold the moisture which is nice.


I spent some time finishing up the top/jacket in pink Ponte. It isn't as nice as I had hoped for but I did learn a few things for the next time. No front band is the main change as it did add bulk to the front especially in the corners. I will add a hook and eye closure to the jacket and will add a top of some sort and matching scarf to this outfit.
The lining is a great match which made me happy.
Before I make the top and scarf, I want to sew my pants. I need to get them off the sewing table and start on the next projects.
I have spent several evenings on the afghan and finally got it on the floor to see how big it is. I have a lot of yarn to crochet so this is going to be one big afghan.
The next few rows will be the light blue yarn. If keep plugging away on it I will get it done before the end of summer.
I have to grocery shop, fold a few clothes, and work this afternoon.
Until tomorrow...............................

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  1. The doll clothes are turning out well! The afghan looks like it is a very complicated pattern. I really like the colours you chose.