Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Sewing Room is Hot

I can not access Stitcher's Guild this morning. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Yesterday another warm day with a high of 29C or 84F. The a/c got to work in the afternoon and turned off for the night. It is suppose to be cooler today but it is already warmer than this time yesterday. We wait and see.


Before I headed out to work, the Spousal Unit and I planted a pot of flowers for the fairy garden. Around the edge of the back lawn is starting to look really neat. Next is to bust two clay flower pots and build the last fairy garden. I will buy a few items for it next week.
At work I worked on the bias tapes and between a co-worker and I it is done for this round. Instead of a huge box and several small boxes, everything is in smaller boxes and in one cupboard. Success. Next I put away stock and got almost all of it done between cutting for customers. A successful day in all.


I went into my sewing room and it was hot even though the a/c was on. The blinds weren't shut which contributed to the warmth but I may need to change the room around so the cool air flows better. That means clean up which means I need time to work in there. Probably this weekend. It means a lot of work once again.


I haven't picked up the afghan in the evening for two nights now. I have been reading and dozing in the evenings. Partly as I've been busy at work and partly because of the heat. This happens to me every year when we get the first hot spells.


I am off work and plan on doing laundry, sew, and get ready for the accountant who arrives this evening. The Spousal Unit wants to get more plants for the garden so I will go with him and look at more fairy garden furniture.
Until tomorrow.....................


  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Ann, I have not had any trouble accessing Stitchers Guild. Hope you get back to normal soon.