Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another Doll Outfit Done

Yesterday seemed warmer though it was about the same temperature as the day before. The wind died down which made everything warm up. It was glorious outside.


We headed out to grocery shop and was home in great time. The kitchen got cleaned up and laundry was done. The rest of the day was ours to do as we pleased.
The Spousal Unit spent some time watering the vegetable boxes. He seems to be counting the seeds that have come up.
I decided to crawl out of the rabbit hole searching for my great-great grandfather, David Stillman. I read a newsletter from a distant cousin and it was about David Stillman and that DNA puts us into the Dillman family tree. The question is why he went to New Brunswick. I may never know. The other bit of information gleaned was a distant cousin, Cory Stillman, played in the NHL and was on two teams that won the Stanley Cup.


I spent some quality time at the sewing machine. The little jacket is finished.
I put black ribbing on instead of the fabric collar and it was so much easier to sew. After putting in the lining, I added a black ribbed band to the bottom. Next time I will shorten the band by 1" so it pulls in just a bit at the waist. The Velcro will be added later. I can now start the Cabbage Patch outfit of pants and a hoodie. There is no more of that fabric left. Onto the next pieces of left over fabric to make some tops for the pant outfits.
Next sewing for me is another pair of the Barb pants. The pattern is printed and I need to tape it together and compare the size I just made to the smaller size.


I crocheted on the afghan for an hour before dinner and then in the evening. It is a long way around to complete a row.
It is as long as the couch but not as wide as I would like it. In theory, it needed two more panels but in reality that didn't happen. I am thinking now of a way to add to the sides and leave the length. It may not happen.
The pattern is unique but I won't be making one for us. I will knit us one as I prefer knitting to crocheting.
I am at the point of wanting it done and back to the person who it belongs to.


I work an 8 hour shift. I am sure I will be sleeping on the couch tonight as I didn't sleep well last night. A long story.
Until tomorrow...................

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  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Ann, take a look at Liberty Jane Patterns on-line. They fit much better than the commercial patterns (which seem to be boxy and big) and appeal to the modern young lady owning an American Girl doll. They have a free PDF pattern (usually for 18" dolls) every Friday and some are always free on their site. Not affiliated, just a grandma making doll clothes that are like what the girls wear themselves.