Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Fun Shopping Evening

Yesterday was a lovely day with a high of 21C or 69F. Perfect to be outside.


The Spousal Unit puttered around outside in the yard and mowed the lawns in the afternoon. The miniature Wegila bush is loaded with buds and is just starting to bloom. We were excited about that. The new Wegila is leafing out nicely and we doubt if it will have any blooms this year.
I have been doing some genealogy the last couple of days. Going down the rabbit hole to find out information on my great great grandfather. We have some information on him through DNA but we don't know why he came to New Brunswick from Nova Scotia when others remained in Nova Scotia or went back to the USA after being released from the prison camp they were put into during some war. No information yet and this search is years old.


Yesterday I did sew some on the doll's grey outfit. The pants and the hems on the jacket sleeves are done.
The jacket will get a ribbing collar and band around the bottom. Once that is done, the jacket can be lined and Velcro put on the front. Then on to the Cabbage Patch doll outfit in the same fabric.
I also started to cut out three more small bags for Grandson (1) and Daughter-in-Law (2). They are Christmas presents and are easy to make.
It was staff appreciation at the store last evening. We had supper and then could shop. I started early with my list in hand.
Notions were the first thing I picked up. Not a lot but some.
Then I added the green cotton to line another bag for Grandson and the ribbing for the doll clothes. After that was done, I added more fabric and notions for a new bag.
The outer fabric will be navy twill with the paisley in one corner, the lining and pockets. It will be lined with fusible fleece.
The pattern is one I got last fall and it took me a long time to find the fabric.

Last I got a piece of fleece so Daughter can make polo wraps for her horse.
Not shown is the trace a pattern pellon. I use it constantly but will be buying Swedish tracing paper next time to see how it works.
I did have to cut for staff as they were short a person and I had a lot of fun doing that. It was a constant teasing session all evening.


I worked on the afghan after I got home and got 3/4 of a round done. It is coming a long and I will soon be changing colours to the darker blue. Next on the list is another pair of socks for Grandson.


I am off work and will be shopping and sewing, and doing laundry. The afghan will be worked on also.
Until tomorrow.......................

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  1. The doll clothes are adorable! You've picked great fabric to make them.