Monday, April 25, 2016

Two Projects Completed

Yesterday was a typical spring day with a high of 17C or 62F. There was a trace of rain during the day but I think we had more dew on the grass in the morning than rain. Today should be similar to yesterday.


We went out to shop yesterday and got a few things we needed. At home, we did some house and yard work. It was a quiet day here.


I finished up the pants. As these were a muslin I can wear, I did machine stitch the hems up using a hem stitch. With practice, I got it to look almost invisible.

I also started sewing the grey remnants into doll clothes. The first jacket is ready for the collar and lining.
There is a pair of pants to wear with it. I am hoping to make a red knit t-shirt for this outfit. These are fun to make when you are between projects.


I finished the socks but they may be too long in the feet. I will keep them until winter for Jacob. He is growing rapidly.
I remembered two things when I was done the socks -- to decrease alternate rows for 6 rows and then decrease every row to 12 stitches at the toe. I had forgotten that when doing these and followed another pattern. But they will be fine for this winter.
Once done the socks, I did almost a full round of crocheting on the afghan. I will conquer it as the yarn is disappearing quickly. It is a long ways around.  
I work an 8 hour shift and hope to work on the afghan tonight if I am not too tired.
Until tomorrow...................

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