Sunday, April 10, 2016

Back Yard Progress

Yesterday was another sunny spring day. Not as warm as the previous day but it did get to 20C or 68.5F. Today is to be sunny and warm again.


The Spousal Unit has been busy in the back yard. The raised vegetable boxes are ready for soil. He hauled all the rock from around the edge of the grass and put into the bottom of the boxes. 
This is the yard when we looked at the house. The previous owners let their dogs totally destroy the lawn and it was gone when we moved in. Since then, we have removed the apple trees and replanted the lawn. Now the Spousal Unit has removed the rock at the edge of the cement. When it is done, I will show pictures. It is a work in progress.
I did stand outside and admire the work last night while dinner cooked on the BBQ. That was the extent of my energy.


I did get the pants pattern traced and need to trace a couple of pieces of doll clothing to make from the scraps. Pants and a jacket.

The chambray fabric is going to be made up in McCalls 7306.

I won't be doing the sleeves as shown but putting in a short sleeve. I am adding the small silver buttons to the placket.


I work today but I am hoping to trace the doll pattern so I can start pinning the pieces onto the fabric.
Until tomorrow....................

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