Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Trial Layout

Yesterday was cooler with more clouds and less sunshine. The high got to 17.5C or 63.5F. We have to remind ourselves it just about the middle of April and we can still have weather like we had yesterday.


Yesterday was busy. We were out early to grocery shop, get an attachment for a hose, and purchase dirt for the back yard. The Spousal Unit requested the dirt to arrive today but it arrived yesterday shortly after noon. The place we bought it from wasn't that busy and the guy was excited to do deliveries.
About half of the dirt is gone from this pile as the gate had to be shut for the night. The vegetable boxes are 75% filled.

The grass is slowly growing in from Jill using the back yard last winter and the Spousal Unit not being able to do the clean up until March.
The mulch is around the edge of the lawn but we need a lot more of it to finish up.

We need to add an huge umbrella at the patio furniture area so we can sit out there in the summer. I would love a gazebo but it may not work for us. As long as I can add misters to the umbrella I will be happy.
While the Spousal Unit was working outside, I was inside doing housework. I cleaned up the kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. Also a big load of laundry got done. Yesterday was cleaning day so I can sew on my next days off. I am so thankful I have everything well organized as it makes cleaning the house quite easy to do.


The fuchsia Ponte was washed and dried and I did a trial layout and all seems to be fitting on the fabric nicely. Right down to the doll clothes. And it looks like a bit of fabric left over.


I finally got back to crocheting the afghan. The last strip was attached and half of the first round was done. I will be finishing up that round and then doing another colour for a couple of rounds and back to the first colour for several rounds. I will then lay it out and decide on how I will do the border. Will I do a lot of the first colour and just a few rows of the second colour as I have less of it.


I work 8 hours and hope I can crochet again tonight and finish up the round. Of course I will walk the back yard to admire the work the Spousal Unit does today.
Until tomorrow...........................

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