Friday, April 15, 2016

Tiny Sewing

The last couple of days have seen normal temperatures in our area. We are experiencing sunshine, clouds and a cooler breeze and it is enjoyable. Everyone seems to want to be outside enjoying the lovely weather.


The Spousal Unit is doing a fantastic job of the back yard. He works until his legs say no more and then rests. He is getting stronger as time passes and is able to do more each week. Shoveling and wheel barrowing dirt was the hardest job so far. Planting seeds and seedlings will be easy.
I have done a few small jobs in the house; folding laundry and keeping areas clean. The next big clean is this weekend. Yes!! I love the house being clean and tidy.
We did go to our favourite gardening center and got some seeds, onions, and grape tomato plants. Daughter is excited as we picked up one for her.


I spent a bit of time yesterday morning pinning the pattern pieces onto the Ponte and when I got out of the sewing room, all the pieces were cut out.
I have to work out the crotch length on this pattern and then fix it on the pattern. Trial #1 is ready to sew.
I laid out the pattern pieces for the doll outfit.
I am making this outfit. Just have to get out the lining for the top.
I am not making the under top at this time though I am sure it will be made as a part of the outfit. I need to make a black and white crepe scarf to go with it. The lace may go around the neck but I am not sure if it will work with the scarf. I only have this one piece of lace in my stash. The buttons will be silver unless I find something else equally as cute.
As I didn't have to work until 5 p.m., I got the doll pants made.
They turned out too cute. The Ponte is so nice to sew and I am looking forward to sewing up the top and my pants.


I have the last side to crochet on the afghan and row one will be done. Next row will be the same colour with no increases in it. Then it will be decision time.
Next on the list is to wind the skein of yarn to finish Grandson's socks. I would love to get them done soon as I have two more pairs to knit for him.


I work the morning and then don't go back to work until Tuesday afternoon.
Until tomorrow................................ 

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