Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Fairy Garden Is Being Built

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 19.5C or 67F. The low was almost freezing which was a surprise. Today is suppose to have a high similar to yesterday. Then we are to see warmer temperatures.


I worked a four hour shift Thursday night and yesterday morning and got a lot of  overstock buttons put away. There is still a part of a big box left to go that arrived Wednesday. I am sure they will be waiting for me next week.
After I got home, we headed out to the garden center to get the fairy garden. It was an expensive trip but I have one area tentatively set up. This can change over the next few days. I started off with the house, which is solar powered. A gnome reading a book, mushrooms, and fence finished that section.
Next it was a gnome on a swing and another in a hammock in a small juniper. I may have to figure this one out.
The gnome on the swing is hidden.
Then a welcome sign and a pot of flowers.

I don't have a picture of the whole thing as you can barely see it. I may have to squish it closer together.
Elliott sat on me last night and was so content and happy. I took his picture and he sure doesn't look that. He is a hard cat to photograph as he always looks angry.
He was purring and totally relaxed in this picture. Almost asleep and looking mad. He wasn't that way at all.


I spent a bit of time looking for lining for the doll's jacket/top. I found a piece of broadcloth in cream and a cotton in a pink print. I need to look in the box of linings. That means emptying half of the closet out to get to them. I did a quick sweep of the store and only saw broadcloth that fit the bill.


The second row of border is crocheted on the afghan. I have started a new colour but the yarn is thinner than the other yarn used. Thinking on it.
I love the contrast and may do two or three rows of half double crochet and then go back to the lighter blue. The light blue is a double crochet.


I am off work and need to shop, do laundry, clean and sew. I wonder if I will get to the sewing. It remains to be seen.
Until tomorrow...............


  1. I am wondering if you know where I might purchase a doll like the one you are making clothes for. I have a new little granddaughter, who is a few months old, and have just been given the news that another little girl is on the way! So would be such a nice Christmas gift to give a doll with a little wardrobe to go along with her for each of them when they are old enough. I know you don't often reply, but would greatly appreciate knowing. Many thanks. Oh, and by the way, your yard is looking great, judging by the pics.

    1. I did a post on April 18 about the dolls and patterns to knit for the dolls.