Friday, March 25, 2016

Day One - Holiday

It is cool here today. We saw some snow fall earlier in the morning. The dampness is leaving us feeling cold. Sleeping like Elliott seemed like a really good idea. 


We had a fairly quiet day yesterday. We relaxed and enjoyed ourselves in the morning. In the afternoon, Daughter-in-Law and I went looking for some clothes for me. None to be found at Old Navy. Found pants at Walmart and got one pair. Seems I will be sewing with earnest now.
I did find out that another person was hired for the assistant manager's job at Fabricland. I am totally fine with that. Maybe being a keyholder is all I am suppose to be at this time. 
The Spousal Unit went out to a couple of hardware stores yesterday and walked in them. He was tired when he got home but felt much better for the activity. It will help him build more muscle and stamina. 
Last evening, Grandson and I made pickles. It was a lot of fun. They can't be eaten until tomorrow. 

He is cutting the ends of the mini cucumbers so we can slice them lengthwise on the mandolin. 


I have decided that I am going to have to sew pants when I get home. That means fitting and figuring out the size I need. I do have some fabric to use as a muslin so the journey begins. At least I have top patterns to sew up and will do them also. 


I set up a pair of socks for Grandson and have 30 rows knit. They are a simple knit and I may get the heel turned on both of them prior to leaving for home. Once that is done, I can finish them at home and mail them to him. 


We did some shopping and it will be quiet for the rest of the day unless we clean up Grandson's room. I look forward to reading and knitting this afternoon.
Until tomorrow.............................

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. Sorry to hear that you didn't get the Assistant Manager's job - you are so motivated and organised and have the knack of juggling so many plates in the air at once - they have missed out by not appointing you!