Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Walk and Geocaching

Yesterday was lovely and sunny in Edmonton. It was perfect Easter Sunday weather. Today is cloudy and there is a chance of rain in the forecast. 


Grandson had an Easter candy hunt in the house and was still looking for hidden candy mid afternoon. I think there is still one or two small boxes of candy hidden upstairs. He got an Easter basket from us of which he is enjoying putting together the Lego. 
In the afternoon, we headed out for a walk to find two geocaches. We actually found three. I got to find a fourth they had already found. We ended up walking 3.5 km and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 
We found one geocache that looked like a "bottle cap" according to Grandson. 
While we were out, the Spousal Unit slept. He is still needing more sleep than he normally did. I am sure it will get less as time goes on. 
Our son made hamburgers for dinner last night and they were the best we have ever had. We learned the process and will be making them at home. 


I worked like crazy on the socks to get the stitches picked up for the gussets prior to it getting dark. It is hard to see those stitches when you use dark wool.
I am hoping I have enough yarn to finish these socks. If not, I will have to figure it out. I don't want to buy another skein of this yarn at this time. 


We are going to do a bit of shopping and then have a quiet day together as of this moment. That can change as the day progresses. 
Until tomorrow.......................

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