Friday, March 18, 2016

Two Projects Completed

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day. Not really warm at 10.8C or 51F but we took it. This morning it is a chilly -4C or 25F. The sky is clear and it looks like another sunny day.


As I had the day off from work, we decided to get a lot of things done. We headed out to buy some clothes yesterday morning. The Spousal Unit got 2 shirts and a pair of jeans and I got a pair of jeans. I am hoping to shop in Edmonton next weekend.
After the laundry dried, we headed out again, dropped off our library books, the Spousal Unit got a hair cut, I mailed some letters, and we did some shopping at M & M meats.
The Spousal Unit was tired when we got home so he slept for an hour. It was good for him to get out and do some things he needed to do. It also made me realize how weak he is but his strength is coming back slowly.


I did get some time in the sewing room during the time we were home. The first job was to put the snaps on the Spousal Unit's shirt.
Though they look almost white, the snaps are blue. I spent a fair amount of time making sure the stripes and plaids matched horizontally.
Mid afternoon, I made Daughter-in-Law another shopping bag. Instead of using interfacing, I put iron on fleece on the outside fabric and nothing on the lining. I like the results but doubt if I'll do more that way. It is expensive.
The pattern is upside down but I decided on this way so it wouldn't look like peacock feathers. I like the results. There is enough fabric left to make a small bag. I have several small bags to make right now from left over fabric.


I got the last strip of the afghan pinned on and it is ready to crochet together. That will be done one night this week.
I am reading an out of production book (found it free) called Canada Knits. It is an interesting read about the history of knitting in Canada and the story of different knitted garments.
Today I work from 1 to 9 p.m. I have to get my blood work done, buy a few groceries and then head out to work. It is another busy day but not nearly as relaxing as yesterday was.
Until tomorrow....................................


  1. Love that shirt! The bag is really nice too. I don't know how you get so much done in a day.

  2. Lovely bag. What pattern did you use?