Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Slow Restful Day

Yesterday was another lovely day in Sherwood Park. We sat outside soaking up the sunshine. Grandson spent quite a bit of time outside playing. It was another glorious day. 


Yesterday was a quieter day. I packed as we leave today for home. We had a good trip here. The Spousal Unit is feeling stronger and I am rested up. We did need a change of pace in our lives and this fit the bill. 


I watched the bra making class that I purchased from Craftsy. It has me wanting to make a couple of bras. I have put it on my list of items to make. I will buy my supplies from Bra-makers Supply


I knit on the socks yesterday and I ran out of yarn for one sock. The other sock may have enough yarn to finish it. In the end I ordered another skein plus another skein of the denim yarn. I will knit mittens for myself out of these yarns.


We fly home, get a few groceries and head to the library. I won't be blogging tomorrow morning as I head out to work early in the morning. 
Until the next time....................

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