Monday, March 14, 2016

The Learning Curve

The weather continues to be warm with temperatures nearing or into the double digits on the Celsius thermometer. Most mornings have been warm though the wind is cool. We are enjoying this weather.


I am busy at work learning new things. It is interesting and somewhat overwhelming at times as I am learning on the run. I will survive this. The time change, I am not too certain about. It gets me every time we change our clocks.
The Spousal Unit continues to improve. He is eating better and is doing more. He does get tired quickly which is to be expected.
Son, Daughter-in-Law, and Grandson were at the World Rugby games this weekend. It seems as if they are all enjoying themselves.


I am working early so I can do the books and get the staff ready for their shift. I also need to finish inventorying and ordering ribbon hanks.
Until tomorrow...........................

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