Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Is Here

Yesterday was a day of sunshine, showers, and warmth. It got to 15C or 59F.


On my way to work yesterday, I had to get Elliott some dry cat food at the vets. I saw forsythia and daffodils in bloom. Spring is here when you see the forsythia in bloom. 


I am thinking about my next store project. It has to be in spring/summer colours. Maybe something in pink to go with my navy column that seems to be on hold. Or denim that is new in the store. I do love the post from the Vivienne Files today. Very inspirational.


I packed some left over wool to knit Grandson another pair of socks. If I have to buy more wool while there, I will as we will be going to my favourite yarn shop.
I am hoping to start more swatches in May. I have to focus on the afghan for a co-worker and get it done. Then I can work on improving my tension.


We have a few things left to do before we leave. It means I have to get busy and start now. I will post when while we are on our trip. I am sure I will have things to show you.
Until then.........................

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