Monday, March 07, 2016

Forever In Blue Jeans

Though it rained yesterday, we had another lovely warm day. The high got to 14.5C or 58F. The sun did shine and the wind did blow. The wind was cool though. This morning it is cooler outside ~ 2C or 35.6F. The furnace ran for the first time in several days.


Yesterday morning we headed out to the hospital so the Spousal Unit could get his blood work done. Today he sees the oncologist for a check up. We have our fingers crossed he doesn't return for 3 months.
Since our talk about eating, the Spousal Unit has been eating better and more. He hasn't lost any more weight and hasn't gained any. He has days with some energy and days were he just rests/naps. I do think he is on the road to recovery though.
I am hoping to start cleaning up the guest room so it can be painted first. I hauled the tubs out from under the bed and found items that belong in the sewing room. Knick knacks to be exact. I will store them until the room is done and then see if I want to put them out. I did the one tub of electronics and kept it all. I need to put the several tubs of electronics into one tub. Next is the closet.
Last night I watched the last episode of Downton Abbey. It was extremely well done and packed with action. I will certainly miss this show as I have enjoyed it immensely.


I did do some sewing yesterday between the cleaning and laundry. I cut out the rest of the pattern pieces, got the second pocket put on, and some interfacing cut and the rest of the pieces are ready to cut out.

The big job of the day was to put on the pocket flaps. I cut out two on the bias and then two on the straight of the grain (used up the extra pockets for that). The bias pieces got interfaced. I got them put on and one has a hole in it for a pen.
I am happy with the results. Next is the collar and stand. Once that is done, the rest of the shirt is fairly easy to sew.
Next on the sewing list is a bag like this one for our grandson. It is to hold his diabetic supplies when traveling.
 It needs to be in boy fabric and I have some ideas going through my head.


I decided to renew my subscription to the Knitting Association and by the time it said there was an error and I redid it, I had paid twice. An email has been sent to renew for two years. I will be downloading the magazine to look at the projects and I want to begin a new course. It is time to work on improving my tension.
As we are going to Edmonton for my birthday, I want to go to the neat yarn store. I took a look at the new yarn I saw mentioned on the knitting site and OH MY!!! I found some I really want.
It is Ancient Arts (from Alberta, Canada) and the colour is Forever In Blue Jeans. I need a couple of skeins of this yarn. It is calling scarf for me. It will fit in with my navy column.
I did knit on the toddler's hat last night and have to figure out how I am going to finish the crown. I am almost out of yarn and I don't have white yarn in my stash. Actually, the yarn I knit for charity is almost gone. Do I want to buy a skein of white yarn???? I may have to tomorrow so I can finish the project.


I am work all day. If I have the energy, I will pin the lace panel of the afghan onto the main part. I really need to finish it up though I am clueless as how to do the border. That will be a huge experimentation.
Until tomorrow...................

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  1. I don't know how you can get so much done in a day. Very organized I think! The shirt is coming along nicely. Pockets look great with the plaid on the diagonal. I am wondering if the name of the group you take knitting lessons from is actually The Knitting Association, as I would like to look into taking some lessons myself, even though I have knit for years.