Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Fun(ny) Project Is Started

This morning it is warm ~ 7C or 44F. Yesterday was sunny with a high of 15C or 59F. Today is to be similar with the possibility of a shower.


I am working like crazy prior to our trip to Edmonton on Wednesday. I have been on the run since Friday afternoon doing a lot of different things and will continue to do so until Tuesday evening.
The Spousal Unit continues to do a few things most days. He over did it on Friday afternoon and the muscles in his upper torso hurt. He didn't feel as tired as other days. He didn't do much yesterday which is fine. All part of getting better.


My next fun(ny) project is on the table and one end of the fabric cut straight. The other end needs straightening. I may or may not get the pieces cut prior to leaving. It is an easy project that needs 2 pieces of straight fabric and some elastic.


I am going in early to make notes on what I have learned and then am on the floor for the afternoon. I have to start packing tonight and make a couple of phone calls.
Until tomorrow....................

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