Sunday, March 06, 2016

A Much Needed Nap

Yesterday was an incredible day weather wise. The temperature was warm in the morning and the high got to 16.8C or 62F. The sun shone until the sun went down and then we saw clouds. Today, it is warm but rainy.


I had a short day at work. It wasn't busy enough so three of us left between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. I was at 1:30 as I was on cash. I replaced notions when I had a chance to and got quite a bit done. Another girl did buttons and started on zippers.
At home, I came in, opened windows, talked to the Spousal Unit and fell asleep on the couch with Elliott cuddling me. I woke up in time to make dinner. I am still catching up on lost sleep.
The Spousal Unit worked outside for a while yesterday. He has started to clean up the back yard. He ate a good breakfast and dinner. Lunch was light. We even went out and got him Dilly Bars, his favourite treat.
He felt much better being more active and out in the sunshine.


I did a couple of rows on the toddler's toque last night. I chose to read and watch TV instead. Also Elliott is all over me cuddling. It must be my turn as he has cuddled the Spousal Unit for months ignoring me unless he needed food.


I am off work and have to take the Spousal Unit to the hospital to have his blood work done. There is laundry to do and I hope to sew some. I would love to finish the pockets on the shirt.
Until tomorrow....................

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