Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Everything Bag

Yesterday morning, I watched the snow fall on the hills as I drank my coffee. By the time I ate breakfast, you could see the occasional flake falling down lower. When I left for work, it was snowing good and some of it was on the road. But, it quit and we had a lovely day with sunshine. Only the wind was cool. This morning is cool and sunny.


Yesterday morning, I headed out to work early to miss the rush hour traffic. Not!! Some areas have heavy traffic, others is light. I got the paper work done and started putting away stock. There was a lot of lace but it got done. As it was slow, I went home at 1:30 p.m.
A friend visited the Spousal Unit for a couple of hours yesterday. He really enjoyed the visit and was tired when it was over. He also did some outside work. His strength is coming back slowly but his appetite is back to 100%.


As I was home for part of the afternoon, I decided to make Grandson his diabetic supplies bag. I used the Everything Bag tutorial of which I bought the pattern for the remaining sizes.
It was an easy sew after I cut out all the pieces and interfaced them. Even the gussets went together easily this time.

The cording will be cut once we fill the bag and shut it. One little boy is happy to have this bag done.
While looking at how Jeni Baker does the gussets, I saw another drawstring bag. I'm keep this one in my radar for a future idea.


I am off work and have quite a bit to do. Snaps on the Spousal Unit's shirt, shopping for some clothes, and more house work. It will be a busy day but I am fine with that.
Until tomorrow......................

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